History of the Brant Beach Taxpayers Association

History of the Brant Beach Taxpayers Association

The Brant Beach Taxpayers Association (BBTA), originally formed as the Brant Beach Homeowners Association in 1980 by Edward “Red” and Marjorie Evanson, had as its mission to work with the Long Beach Township mayor and commissioners on issues specific to Brant Beach. Early leaders included Bill Knarr, Bill Kunz and Pat Prout.

In 2021, President John Fiore brought a more formal structure to the organization. As such the Association gained recognition as a qualified 501(C)3 non-profit and changed its name to the Brant Beach Taxpayers Association to more accurately reflect its membership.

The Brant Beach Taxpayers Association’s purpose is to:

● Facilitate communication to its members and between the members and all levels of government in regard to issues affecting the Brant Beach section of the Township of Long Beach.
● Inform the Association members of important matters being considered at public hearings and before County, State and Federal bodies on matters consistent with the purpose of the organization.
● Address issues relating to taxation, accountability of government officials, and the appropriate spending of property tax dollars.
● Address issues of welfare, safety and quality of life for residents, visitors and investors in the Brant Beach section of the Township of Long Beach.
● Pursue projects focused on the sustainability and beautification of all areas of Brant Beach section of the Township of Long Beach.

Today, almost 400 of Brant Beach households are members of BBTA. Going forward, our hope is to continue to grow the membership and meet our mission, improve the experience and protect the interests of taxpayers within the Brant Beach community.

Dues are $25 per household per calendar year and are tax deductible. Membership includes all adult residents of a household and entitles them to attend BBTA member meetings, receive new bulletins via email and engage, as desired, with our community.

The Brant Beach Taxpayers Association generally hosts two membership meetings, one in Spring/Summer and the other in early fall. Most meetings are held at the Township Municipal Complex at 68th Street.

The Brant Beach Bulletin, or BBB, is the Association’s monthly newsletter distributed via email. This helps keep all members informed of pertinent community news.

All Brant Beach homeowners, residents and businesses are warmly welcomed.

Peter Potochney
Brant Beach Taxpayers Association