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Brant Beach Bulletin

Our Annual Fall Membership Meeting was held on Saturday, Sept 9th. Mayor Joe Mancini was our guest speaker with over 60 of our members in attendance. For those who could not attend, here is a recap:

Mayor Mancini, citing financial and environmental reasons, discussed his strong opposition to offshore wind turbines. He also addressed concerns about the parking, littering, and noise problems associated with Firepit Fridays and other events held at 68th Street. He affirmed the necessity of holding events at that site due to its central location and existing support facilities. The Mayor also acknowledged concerns regarding the legal requirement to continue enforcement on Long Beach Boulevard of the “keep right except to pass” law even if the right lane is often narrow and subject to hazards such as pedestrians and sudden car doors opening. Several attendees thanked the Mayor for initiatives that included his efforts to reduce traffic delays caused by the State-run roadwork at the Ship Bottom Circle.

After the Mayor departed, BBTA President John Fiore discussed our association’s recent projects to include replacement street identification posts at the base of each dune, bay beach toy boxes, bike racks at many beach entrances, the adopt-a-beach path initiative and landscaping around the 68th Street dolphin sculpture. John also conducted a voice vote electing 5 BBTA’s directors to the board. That was followed by a treasurer’s report and discussion of potential projects to include outdoor chess tables and historical panels describing Brant Beach’s past history. John asked members to suggest other project ideas to the BBTA.

John additionally highlighted the support needed for the Beach Haven First Aid Squad and the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Company because they are the primary emergency services covering Brant Beach. The current all-volunteer model saves the average Brant Beach household over $1000 per year in taxes compared to instituting a fully paid EMT and fire service.

In the meeting Q&A session, members asked about issues concerning, most notably, public trash can closure flaps to keep the seagulls out, and reflective markings on street posts to improve night visibility.

The meeting concluded at 11:00 AM, with John, and the board, thanking all who attended, wishing everyone a safe and healthy fall season.

Our newly elected 2023/2024 BBTA Board
Mike Fahner, John Fiore, Carol Formica, Georgia Glasser-Nehls, Steve Havelka, Anne Johnson, Russ Johnson, Janis Metz, Donn O’Brien, Pete Potochney, Ben Tonti

A special note of thanks goes to “A Sweet Memory Cake Shoppe & Tea Room” for providing a selection of their delicious cupcakes, and our own board member Georgia Glasser-Nehis for baking a basket full of fresh warm homemade blueberry muffins.

Brant Beach Taxpayers Association Installs ‘Beach Borrow Toy Box’ at Bayview Park

“Take a Toy; Leave a Toy,” instructs the sign on the brand-new “Beach Borrow Toy Box” in Long Beach Township’s Bayview Park. Thanks to the Brant Beach Taxpayers Association, unused or abandoned beach toys – the buckets, shovels, molds and more that are an integral part of summer fun for the young and young at heart – now have a place where they can be stored and reused. Click Here to Read the Entire Article.

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“A collaborative effort by multiple Long Beach Island taxpayer associations to identify and address the issues that mutually affect all property values and life experiences on Long Beach Island.” 

The Long Beach Island, Joint Council of Taxpayers’ Association’s (JCTA) was founded in 1956. Its original purpose was to create a forum of community leaders having discussions of mutual concerns in each of the 6 municipalities. Today, all 11 LBI taxpayer associations are represented, one each from Beach Haven, Ship Bottom, Surf City, Harvey Cedars, and Barnegat Light. Long Beach Township, has representatives from its 6 sections: Holgate, LBT10, Brant Beach, North Beach, Loveladies and High Bar Harbor. The JCTA has regularly scheduled meetings each month throughout the year. Subjects such as: Street and Neighborhood Flooding, Support of Volunteer 1st Responders, Beach Erosion, Bike & Pedestrian Safety are a few of the lead committees.

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