At Brant Beach Taxpayers Association we offer a number of ways to volunteer. Our Committees are always looking for new participants. If you are interested in joining or to learn more please contact us at

Our current committees include:

Beautification: Led by Anne Johnson, works to ensure that the Welcome signs at both ends of Brant Beach on the Boulevard are well maintained. This includes landscape maintenance, seasonal decorating of the signs and participating in other projects in Brant Beach when needed.

Community Watch: Led by Carol Formica, strives to focus on observation and awareness. Being neighborly and watching out for each other, knowing what is “normal” in your section of Brant Beach and if something looks out of normal saying something. This committee works in partnership with the LBTPD and promotes the use of the non-emergency Police Department number 609-494-3322.

Adopt-a-Beach Path: Led by Mike F, this group volunteers to keep the pathways to/from the beach clear of trash and litter. It is BBTA’s eyes and ears to bring needed attention to the Township Public Works Department for any maintenance or safety issues.

History: Led by Donn O’Brien, this group is charting the history of Brant Beach and in turn LBI. From the Lenape Indian Tribes to today becoming one of the finest oceanfront communities in the US. The Committee invites you to contribute to our History.