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Brant Beach Taxpayers Association

2023 Annual Dues

Your Household Membership Dues cover a calendar year. We request them in the spring to help defray the annual cost of required operating expenses, ongoing maintenance of existing programs and future projects.

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Your Dues & Contributions Help Us Accomplish All the Things We Do

  • We are your voice at all township meetings. This is especially important if Brant Beach is not your primary residence. You are taxed without representation until you become a member of the BBTA.
  • BBTA also attends and reports on the board meetings of the LBI Consolidated School, Southern Regional High School, as well as those of the Ocean County Commissioners. This is where 70% of our property taxes end up, and we’re now watching.
  • Our members only newsletter, the Brant Beach Bulletin, reports monthly on important meetings that affect your taxes, building codes, municipal services, and public safety. It also includes information on events and public notices for the entire island.
  • BBTA has worked hand in hand with LBT in addressing the tax benefits of keeping our all-Volunteer 1st Responders viable. With the backing of the BBTA the Township has entered into an agreement of mutual support with our Beach Haven Rescue Squad. Next on the list is our Ship Bottom Fire Company. When you call 911 these are the volunteers who will respond.

BBTA is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit
You will receive a thank you and acknowledgement when your dues are received.
At the end of the calendar year, you will receive a tax receipt for dues and contributions.  

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