Updated Ocean County Reycyling


For those that recycle, and I know there are those who don’t, Ocean County has invested our Tax Dollars in additional equipment that allows a huge number of additional products to be recycled. Here again, I’m talking to those who did their best to follow the old guidelines. 

Simply, we can now recycle gray/flat/paperboard and it will get recycled. Those are the cereal and tissue boxes, also the inside TP and paper towel roll. If the pizza box is clean of food you can add it. Yogurt and butter containers are now officially okay to add to your recycling. All plastic has to have a recycling number imprinted of the container. If it’s a #1, #2 or #5 recycle it! 
No more rules about the size of the opening. Larger or smaller doesn’t matter, if it’s a #1, #2, or #5. 

Please read the OC news Bulletin attached. This will improve the environment by keeping these products out of the landfills and save us tax dollars by not paying penalties charged when they were refused at the land fills since not everyone followed the previous guidelines. It’s a win win for us, our taxes, and yes our environment too.

Ocean County Recycling Guide