Recap of the BBTA Membership Meeting Saturday, May 21, 2022 BBYC Sailing Center

Our Spring Membership meeting last Saturday was well attended by over 70 members, a few new members, and BBYC guests. It’s the first time we held a meeting outside the Long Beach Township complex. The Brant Beach Yacht Club was very gracious in offering use of their South Harbor Sailing Facility when we learned of a mix-up in dates at the Township with the US Coast Guard Axillary needing the courtroom for a safe boating course.

During the opening of the meeting, each board member reviewed their individual responsibilities, as well as their committees. A complete copy of the minutes will be posted on our website at the end of the month. 

Steve Havelka unveiled the new US Flag Drop Box which has now replaced the old mail box at the Township Complex. We started down the road to replace that box long before Covid. I made a commitment to our members at our meeting last September that our goal would be to have a replacement before next summer. We both tried several times to get a replacement from the Post Office with no luck. They now refurbish their old boxes. Steve then found a builder who would design and build the box. He asked for volunteers to design and do the painting. Several members volunteered, but one, a recent college graduate with a degree in graphic design, fit the need perfectly. If you’re over at the Township, stop by and take a look.

Next on the agenda were our guest speakers from the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Co., and Save LBI Inc.

After introducing Chief Todd MacLennan, President and 1st Lt Rick McDonough, Treasurer Scott Peraria and Trustee Peter Maschal, I asked our members this question, “where is the Brant Beach fire house located?” The obvious answer to most, but not all, was Ship Bottom. Long Beach Township does not have its own fire unit. We depend on the units from neighboring towns to cover both our Fire (required by the State) and First Aid needs. LBT does contribute, from our tax dollars to all the volunteer first responder units on LBI. We learned, although funding is critical, recruiting new volunteers is vital if the system is to survive. A brief review of the equipment needs and budget was presented. A visit to their website and Facebook page will help better explain how each of us can help. Over the next several months you will hear more about the need for volunteers. This is not unique to LBI. It’s a nationwide issue that is magnified here because 70% of the homes are not occupied year-round. 

Our next speaker was Bob Stern, the President of Save LBI Inc. “Wind Without Impact”. Bob gave a slide presentation which reviewed the location of the proposed windmills and how they might be seen from the beaches and the effect they might have on sea life. The information is quite extensive and very detailed.  Save LBI, recognizes the need for alternative energy and wind as a viable source, but question its proximity to Long Beach Island. They have filed a lawsuit to have the government allow a review period, with comments from the public. Bob has provided us with his slide presentation, which we will share with you upon request (send request to: . You can also go to and review their position.

Many questions were asked by those in attendance to the members of the Ship Bottom Volunteer Fire Company and Bob Stern.

The meeting was concluded with Ginny Iverson providing a brief review and update of the progress in setting up the Pickle Ball “Net” ordinance which will be explained and voted on by the commissioners at their meeting on Monday June 6th at 4:00 PM in the Township courtroom.

We would like to thank all who attended and we welcome your comments on what we presented and topics you would like to cover in our next meeting. Have a Safe, Healthy and Happy Summer.

John Fiore