October 17th, 2021

How did we get to mid-October so fast?
Fall has officially arrived. Pumpkins are everywhere and our Brant Beach Welcome signs look the part.  Kudos to Anne Johnson and her team of member volunteers:  Mark, Lisa, Ben, Maria, Jacqueline, Donn, Mike, Steve, and of course, her husband Russ. It was great to have neighbors spend a few hours together pruning, planting and decorating. Thank you!
Even the traffic lights are now flashing orange in celebration of the season, which generally signals cooler nights and shorter days of sunshine.
Annual Membership Meeting
We had our first membership meeting in 2 years on Saturday Sep 25th. It was good to see the 50+ members in the courtroom and 20+ on Zoom. Each of the Board members introduced themselves and we recapped our activities during the past few months. We will be posting the annual meeting minutes on our website in a few weeks. Thank you to all those who were able to attend.
Our guests
Commissioners Lattanzi and Bayard
, discussed the new property taxes, use of the shuttle buses and gators. Our required water meters will be implemented with a new rate system in effect. We also reviewed the expanded list of items added by the county to our recycling program. No more restrictions on plastic as long as it has a 1, 2, or 5 recycle mark. 
Two other topics that came up in our meeting that got carried over into the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday October 4th. Early morning and late evening activities at the township courts, plus parking/traffic issues on 31st Street. Both will be further reviewed by the township.
Lt James Hartmann, Deputy Coordinator of the OEM spoke to us about the relaunch of our Brant Beach Neighborhood Watch program and the roll it can play in making our community a better and safer place to live and invest. It comes down to that now famous statement, “If you see something, say something.” What’s really changed, and can be most helpful, are the addition, and the variety of security systems now installed throughout our community. A meeting is planned in November for the 50+ who have volunteered to join the program. Details to follow on our website and Facebook page. 
Gina Scala of the SandPaper, and a Brant Beach resident, discussed the on-going debate between the LBI Consolidated School Board and Borough of Ship Bottom. The sale or non-sale of the Ship Bottom school property is now in litigation with both parties using property tax funds to cover their legal fees. Gina also gave us an update on the Windmill project. It appears for now that activity will start further south of the LBI shore line. We strongly urge all members to become more informed, and if possible, involved in the above 2 matters as they will have an effect on your short and long-term taxes here in Brant Beach.
Did you miss it? Take a second look at the top of our bulletin heading.
The State of New Jersey has approved BBHO to do business as (dba)
Brant Beach Taxpayer Association (BBTA)
During the years that I was on the BBHO Board, I struggled with who we were as an organization and what was our purpose. It seemed that every week someone would ask me, “what or who does the organization represent and what does it do?” Even though we were an association representing the homeowners in Brant Beach, we did not have a defined goal or mission. A mission statement was adopted.  That seemed to help but there were still questions as to what we did and why.  Receiving a request from a lending institution asking to verify the monthly amount their client would have to pay in HOA fees to BBHO solidified the need for a change that was long overdue.
As the “Brant Beach Taxpayer Association” our Mission Statement will not change.
“The Brant Beach Taxpayer Association is a volunteer community organization dedicated to improving the experience and protecting the interests of homeowners within the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Township”. 

If someone new to Brant Beach was asked to join our Homeowners Association (HOA) it may have been confusing. Now that we are identified as a Taxpayer Association (TA) that should help make our mission clear.
It may take a few days to get all our systems in sync, but everything should be completed by November 1st.  Here’s our new Brant Beach Taxpayer Association (BBTA) contact information.
website address:   BrantBeachTA.org
email address:       info@BrantBeachTA.org 
Please add and/or update our email address in your phone and computer address book. That will keep us out of your Junk Mail file and give you current access to our contact information.
Although we will update our Facebook page ID it may appear as both BBHO and BBTA .
The one thing we will not be changing are the “Welcome to Brant Beach” signs. They were presented by the Homeowner’s Association and will continue to reflect that to our visitors.
Please note, 2021/2022 dues are not due.
If you paid them, they will be carried forward into the next budget. For everyone else we are asking you to hold off on sending us dues or funding until we complete our planning and the budgeting process. New residence and renewal residence should submit their application now so they will be included in our communications. Do not include dues with your application.  
Thank you to all that have supported us in the past, and we’ll welcome your continued support moving forward as we strive to improve your experience and protect your investment here in Brant Beach.
A special thank you goes out to Pat Prout. At our meeting on the 25th the Board presented Pat with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her many years of service to our BBHO as well as other organizations in Brant Beach. We all wish Pat and John many years of good health and happiness in their new home.
To all our members, please stay safe and keep healthy. Your BBTA is on the move.
John Fiore
BBTA Interim President
BBTA Executive Board
Steve Helvelka: Vice President
Russ Johnson: Secretary
Bob Innocenzi: Treasurer
Ben Tonti: Administration/Membership
BBTA Board Members and Committees
Carol Formica: Neighborhood Watch/Facebook
Anne Johnson: Beautification
Donn O’Brian: Liaison, Long Beach Township 
David Herron: Strategic Planning