Mid-March Update

Dear Brant Beach Homeowner,

Mid-March Update    

Long Beach Township Commissioners Meeting
There is a lot of information, so I will try to put it all concisely.

  1.  Ordinance #21-04C was passed on second reading.  If you rent your home this is very important for you to read, which you can do on the Township website (longbeachtownship.com).  It prohibits “For Rent” signs being placed on the ground—they will only be permitted in windows.
  2. Ordinance 21-07C was passed on second reading.  Trash and recyclables must be placed in watertight receptacles with tight-fitting lids.  All trash bins should be placed no further than 5 feet from the curbline of the building.  To read the above ordinances, please go to Government and then Township Code.  On the left side, you will see a listing for New Laws.
  3. Trash and recyclables that are not placed in a trash corral should not be placed at the curb prior to sunset of the evening before the collection day.  Trash and recyclable bins that are not in corrals are to be removed within 24 hours after the collection has taken place. 
  4. 4. Tax revaluation project is nearing completion.  Results should be          received by June 2021.  Anyone who is unhappy with the results of their property revaluation can file an appeal with the county. 
  5. Coyotes:  Trail cams are being used to monitor coyote activity and plan for the next steps.
  6. COVID-19 Vaccine:  LBI Health Department is scheduling appointments for the vaccine.  If you have not received yours at this time, and are eligible according to State guidelines, please contact the Health Department.  The vaccine website is: https://lbihealth.com/covid-19-vaccine-scheduling/have not received yours at this time, and are eligible according to State guidelines, please contact the Health Department.  The vaccine website is: https://lbihealth.com/covid-19-vaccine-scheduling/
  7. Offshore Wind Farm:  The Township is opposed to this project and the Commissioners will be forwarding a letter to Governor Murphy. 

Ocean County Recycles

For all of the Ocean County Recycle Dates, Please copy and paste the following into your browser:

Information on Offshore Wind:
The township has also posted additional websites for updated information, as follows:

February 17, 2021 by REGINA LOTITO in ENVIRONMENT
Information on the offshore wind project can be found on the following websites:




The BPU is scheduled to make a decision to secure Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificates (“ORECs”) targeting between 1200MW to 2400MW of offshore wind capacity in June.  The websites listed have the most updated information available at this time.  

Enjoy the warm days!  Summer is coming soon but sooner would be better!!
Brant Beach Taxpayers Board of Directors