Mid-December Update

Long Beach Township Commissioners Meeting:  December 7, 2020

Water Meters:  There are about 1000 homes in the Township that have not yet completed their water meter installation.  The deadline for installations is fast approaching and plans are being prepared by the Township to handle those that are not in compliance. 
Installation can be completed easily by contacting the Township directly at 609-492-6314.
Covid 19:  There are currently 25-28 cases in South Ocean Medical Center with about 8-10 in the ICU.  Many people have come to the Emergency Room and were given infusions and sent home to recuperate.

Charity:  Long Beach Township employees raised over $7200 which was donated to the St. Francis Food Pantry for Thanksgiving.

COYOTES:  We have coyotes on LBI.  Yes, that is correct:  Coyotes!  They have been seen in every section, from Barnegat Light to Holgate.  Animal Control has been notified, but they would have to locate them to catch them and they move quite rapidly.  They are not an endangered species, but we certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to trap one!

The experts say that they are more afraid of us than we should be of them.  However, they are roaming and foraging for food.  Folks up and down the Island have taken pictures of them, but they don’t stay in one place very long if they don’t find food.

So, here is what can you do, according to Mayor Mancini:
Please cover your trash can with tight lids
Do not put out any food for stray cats
Keep a close eye on your small animals, and preferably do not let them outside alone.
Needless to say, toddlers should not be playing outside alone.

If you do encounter one, please make a lot of noise and they will usually run in the other direction.  If you are out for a walk after dark, a flashlight is probably a good idea- maybe a big one if you have it!

Dining:  Outdoor dining tents and patio heaters have been removed for winter safety reasons regarding Covid 19, potential wind and snow problems.  Indoor dining continues with  25% occupancy restrictions,  Most all LBI restaurants that are open have enhanced take out.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy New Year!  Please be safe and remember 2021 will be a better year!
Brant Beach Taxpayers Board of Directors