Mid-April Update

Dear Brant Beach Homeowners,
We are happy to be able to share some good news that we received at the Long Beach Township Commissioners meeting.

Municipal Tax Rate:  all of us were concerned about the tax rate after our Revaluation this year.  Last year’s tax rate was 24.4 but this year the budget gave us a 19.5 rate!  There will probably be some increases from the county and school taxes, but they have not been set at this time.

Open Space Monies:  which are raised through the 1 cent tax, which has been raised through the 10.5 billion in ratables in Long Beach Township, will be used to purchase the old M & M Market Steam Bar located at 13301 Long Beach Blvd. in the Terrace section.  The store has been vacant for over eight years.  Once it is razed and clean-up is completed, the site will contain four Pickleball courts and parking!

COVID Vaccine has been in scarce supply at the LBI Health Department.  With the little that they do receive, they are trying to vaccinate those who have difficulty using a computer to register on the other sites.  If you know of anyone who fits that criteria, please reach out to the Health Department.
However, the Southern Ocean Medical Center is getting vaccine on a regular basis.  Please let all of your friends know that they should go to the website for Hackensack Meridian Hospital and register for the Medical Center.

Marijuana Shops:  will probably not be available in Long Beach Township.

Shuttle Buses:  will be on a regular schedule this year.

Water Meters:  If you have purchased one, and not activated it, please do so at this time.

The Rental sign ordinance went into effect as of April 1, 2021.  Please make sure that your signs are only in the window of your property.  If any of your neighbors are not aware of the ordinance, please share the news.  As of April 15th, the Township will begin to issue summonses to the homeowners involved.

No Coyotes were spotted on LBI this month.

The Long Beach Township Commissioners meetings will be held in-person, beginning May 3, 2021.

As I am writing this, the temp is only 49 but we are starting to flirt with 60, so Spring will be coming soon to LBI!

The BBHO Board of Directors