Long Beach Township Commissioners Meeting, June 6, 2022

Cyclists & The New Law Mayor Mancini continues to express his deep concern about the new state law that requires motorists to move over one lane if it’s safe to do so. If moving over one isn’t possible or safe the driver must slow to 25 mph and allow a 4 feet space between their vehicle and the pedestrian or cyclist until they have been safely passed. He continues to advise all to be mindful and alert when traveling on roadways.

Ordinances Proposed (first reading) None proposed at the meeting

Ordinance Passed (second reading)

22-13C A version of this ordinance was first presented at the April public LBT meeting. As a result of the discussion between the mayor and the audience at the May meeting, the mayor and local leaders subsequently met and crafted the version that passed tonight.

The ordinance establishes that an access badge must be purchased in order to play on pickleball and tennis courts anywhere in LBT. The access badge is good for the entire calendar year in which it is purchased and must be renewed every year. Beginning Fathers’ Day weekend, attendants at the courts will checking for badges.

The annual fee for an access badge is $40 for LBT residents and $80 for non-LBT residents. The weekly access badge costs $20; the daily access badge $10. Badges go on sale Wednesday June 8.

In this ordinance, “residents” are the title owners of residential property within the Township and their immediate family members PLUS grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. The access badge is NOT transferrable to individuals outside the immediate family and the other family members mentioned in this paragraph.

Free annual badges are available to veterans and active military members.

The ordinance allows the commissioners to establish rules of conduct for playing on the courts and they have done so. Resolution 22-0606.03 was passed this evening and it establishes the following, which will be in effect when these rules are posted court-side:

Everyone must have an access badge (inexplicably called a recreation badge or pass in this resolution) to play on the pickleball and tennis courts in LBT. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

When purchasing an access badge as a resident, you will need to present something official that shows your LBT address, such as your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, a recent tax or utility bill or a recent lease agreement for the LBT property.

Permitted hours of play:

  • 8 am – 5 pm on the courts at Delaware Avenue & 34th Street (where M&M Market used to be on the south end of the island)
  • 8 am – 7 pm all other courts in LBT

Note that the resolution establishes Round Robin play from 8 am – 12 pm on all courts.

Tennis shoes or sneakers must be worn on the courts.

Pets on the courts are not allowed and the following are also not permitted: skateboarding, roller skating, bike riding, smoking, vaping, using tobacco products, eating food and drinking alcohol.

If you offer private pickleball or tennis lessons to others, you must obtain prior written permission to do so on municipal courts from the LBT Director of the Department of Public Works.

If you are venturing down to Delaware Avenue & 34th to use the courts, be aware of the parking lot hours of operation:

  • 8 am – 5 pm Reserved for pickleball players
  • 5 pm – 11 pm Reserved for patrons going to local businesses
  • 11 pm – 8 am Lot is closed; cars must be removed before 11 pm

22-14C This ordinance confirms the established two-hour parking limit near businesses located within the cutout (best known as the Custard Hut cutout) between 59th St and 65th St. It pertains to the existing signs limiting parking by those businesses to a Maximum of 2 Hours. If additional signs are needed do to the growth of business wihin that area it allows for additional signs.