July/August 2021 Update

Hello neighbors,
Yes, we are still here and working to improve who we are, what we do, and how we do it.
Let’s start with a great big THANK YOU to Pat Prout.
As many of you may already know, our sometimes-up-front leader, but always our behind-the- scenes leader, has left us as a home owner in Brant Beach. Pat and her husband John have been often and deeply involved in multiple community, church, and BBYC activities; many in leadership rolls. We wish them both the best in their new life adventures (they’re really not going that far) and know we will keep in touch.
The Board made a decision to postpone the June membership meeting and subsequent meetings until September. During this timeframe, June/July and now August, we’ve had multiple Board meetings.  John Fiore has agreed to rejoin the Board as President.
The Board is making some strategic moves which will bolster the association’s efforts in keeping with our stated mission, “Improve the Experience and Protect the Interests of Homeowners within the Brant Beach section of Long Beach Township”.
Here is an update on what’s been happening in Brant Beach:
Ocean County has opened up (increased) what can now be recycled. Effective immediately you can now include the following in your recycling: Flat & Gray board. This includes cereal type boxes and paper towel & TP rolls All plastic containers with a #1, #2, or #5 on the bottom.
No more restrictions based on the size of the top compared to the bottom. Go to: co.ocean.nj.us            Click on “Press Releases” at the top, Go to 7/22.
2021/2022 Property Tax Invoices were mailed. You should have yours by now. Due to the delay caused by the reassessment, instead of being due August 1’s they are due August 23rd.
Some time ago the Long Beach Township passed an ordinance requiring both your garbage and recycling containers to have tight fitting lids. Fines have been issued, so please keep the lids on.
Windmills seem to be on everybody’s mind. The state has agreed to purchase the energy, now the industry has to get what they planned to build approved. The latest information has the height going from 855 ft to over 1000 ft above sea level. That’s a little over 5 ½ times the height of Old Barney. Your best source of information is the SandPaper and internet websites. The latest news from Atlantic Shores Offshore is they’re starting south of LBI. There will be a learning curve so this may give everyone a chance to more fully understand the dynamics of the project.
At the August Commissioner’s meeting there were a couple of complaints about unruly groups of young people gathering around the beach entrances. At first, our mayor said this is a growing problem as Trenton has made it difficult for the police to intervene. As the discussion continued, he made it clear that residence should notify our police if this occurs near you.
On August 5th, the Mayor & Chief of Police implemented an emergency order imposing a curfew for minors out after 9PM.
We have noted both on Facebook and our website that bicycles and autos have been stolen in Brant Beach this summer. Please be careful with your property’s security.
Along with the projects previously reported in Pat’s updates, here are a few of the most recent programs we are supporting.
LBI Chamber of Commerce …. Check out their website: welcometolbi.com

BeBrite Campaign.
Lights up walkers, joggers and cyclists with wearable lighting.
Family Movie Night LBT 68th St Ocean Beach Finding Nemo Aug 10th, rain date Aug 17th
The Jungle Book Live Action Aug 24th, rain date to be announced Check the LBT website for updates
Festival of the Sea at St Francis
Tuesday Aug 10th – Sat Aug 14th
Parking lot. Funds support the projects of St Francis Center
Next General Membership Meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Sep. 25th at 9:30 AM No dues this year. Many of the programs scheduled for last year were canceled due to Covid We will keep you posted on a new date for dues next year.
Thank you for your membership thus far.
We hope what you see and hear in the future will further justify your support.
Your Board
John Fiore, Steve Havelka, Russ Johnson, Bob Innocenzi, Ben Tonti
Carol Formica, Anne Johnson, David Herron, Donn O’Brian