February 2021 Update

February 2021 Update

LBT Commissioners Meeting February 1, 2021

Mayor Mancini reported that the Township has had to remove all the public trash bins.  They have been overflowing with trash at the end of each weekend and the wind has removed the tops causing trash to be strewn around the streets.

Commissioner Lattanzi reported that the number of Covid-19 patients presently in SOMC has decreased and he does not expect to see another increase like the one that we had after Christmas.  This is based on the number of people who are being vaccinated in addition to the warmer weather that will be coming in the Spring.

He also commented that more vaccine is being distributed in the area, including SOMC and the LBI Health Department.  We followed up on that information, and at the present time there are no appointments available.  The websites for those locations, along with the current messages, are:

Lbihealth.com:  COVID-19 vaccination appointments are full. Please check as more appointments become available. Thank you for your patience!
COVID-19 Updates: New Visitor Guidelines & Vaccine Update:  We are offering the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible patients based on state and federal guidelines, and as supplies allow. Please do not call us for a vaccine appointment. Watch this space for information or visit the state of New Jersey web site for information on availability and locations.

In addition, while doing this research, we came across a snapshot of our area regarding hospitalizations:
Each week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services releases data showing how close tens of thousands of hospitals nationwide are to reaching their capacity. The latest data for hospitals in Ocean County includes the share of all adult inpatient beds occupied by patients confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19, along with the share of ICU beds occupied by such patients.
The numbers included below, are current through Thursday, Jan. 28, and represent a rolling 7-day average.


  • All adult inpatient beds: 205
  • Inpatient beds occupied: 125.6
  • Inpatient beds used by confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients: 41.3
  • Percent of inpatient beds used: 61.27%
  • Percent of inpatient beds used by confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients: 20.15%
  • All adult ICU beds: 44
  • ICU beds occupied: 14.7
  • ICU beds used by confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients: 11
  • Percent of ICU beds used: 33.41%
  • Percent of ICU beds used by confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients: 25.00%

Also this week, state health officials in New Jersey reported to the federal government that 69 percent of inpatient beds and 51 percent of ICU beds in hospitals across the state were still occupied as of Jan. 31. Around 15 percent of beds statewide were filled by COVID-19 patients, they reported.

Winter Storms:  The February 2/3 Northeast storm spared LBI of any accumulation of snow. Flooding from the bay was higher than normal. If your property is prone to flooding you may want to have it checked.

LBI Schools:  If you copy and paste the attached article, you will be up-to-date on the LBI Schools https://www.thesandpaper.net/articles/district-to-sell-lbi-school-expand-and-rehab-ej-school/

JCTA:  The Joint Council of Taxpayers Association is currently reviewing the news of wind turbines that are requesting permits to build off the New Jersey coast.  We will keep you updated as to the newest happenings.

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