Community Watch Meeting Summary

LBT Courtroom – December 4, 2021

Committee Chair Carol Formica – spoke about the BBNW program, which began around 2010. Felt a need to restart this initiative to keep Brant Beach a safer place. Currently have 71 families throughout Brant Beach signed up for our new BB Community Watch program.

Goals of our BB Community Watch – to be the eyes and ears of the community. Looking for activities that seem out of place or not part of the routine.

“If you see something, say something”

  • We all know what is “normal” in our neighborhoods, although summer months may be somewhat difficult due to rentals.
  • Know your neighbors.
  • Being observant and report suspicious activity.
  • Gave examples of residence being alert on their walks and posting on our BBTA Facebook page. An issue with a broken sprinkler flooding an area,
  • and loud noises coming from HVAC system. In both instances homeowners were notified and problem was resolved.
  • Reminder: We are not the police. They will do the policing.

Introduction of Lt. James Hartmann & Patrolman Matt Vereb

  • Described the partnership between BBCW and LBTPD
  • Changed the name from BB Neighborhood Watch to BB Community Watch as Brant Beach is a community of neighborhoods and we cover all of BB.
  • Suspicious activity to be reported to LBTPD: ex: individual or car noted lingering in the neighborhood.
  • Porch pirates are a concern with packages being left at front doors.
  • Had several car thefts over the summer. Unlocked cars were being targeted. Newer auto models feature outside rearview mirrors that fold inward when locked. If the mirrors are out, these cars are easy targets for thieves; many had keys or fobs left inside.
  • Broken pipes are a concern especially during winter months. If the home owner cannot be contacted to shut off the water, the township must turn it off at the street. The homeowner then must pay for both the shutoff and turn on.
  • Ring doorbells and cameras are very helpful. LBT Police will be asking Community Watch if anyone has security cameras in specific situations, which might help them in their investigation.
  • Best to call 911 for all medical and fire emergencies. 911 calls are answered by Ocean County Dispatch, then routed to the closest responders.
  • Call LBT Police direct at 609-494-3322 for all other concerns or questions. This number is for our local dispatch. (See BBCW magnet)

“Vacant Home” Program. Encouraged everyone to update and/or fill out a contact information form (see attached) with the LBT Police. They need this information to contact you if there is a concern or problem at your property during your absence. Please note on the form if you are fulltime, or seasonal resident, and if you have cameras or a ring doorbell. If you are a seasonal or full-time resident in the program and away from your property notify the LBTPD and they with do random “drive by home checks”. They will take note when they pass your property during your absence. When you return it is important to let the police know you are now in your home so they don’t think there is an intruder. This is also a way for them to contact you directly if there is a broken pipe, hopefully saving you several hundreds of dollars if the township had to turn off your water.

BB Community Watch needs better coverage in the following areas., E-40’s, and E-70’s. Bayview Ave, Barnegat Ave, Long Beach Blvd, and Ocean Ave.
If you own a home, seasonal or year-round, on any of these streets please consider being part of the “eyes and ears” helping our LBT Police protect our community. Please contact